Binary Super B CX

Binary Super B CX
South Dakota Crazy - Binary Super B CX

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Set goals that excite you and scare you at the same time!

Last weekend I set out to attempt 340 miles 29k plus vertical with 30 plus mph winds and 20ish degree nighttime temps (wind chills in the 10's). All this on my
Binary Bicycles
Ti Grolar gravel setup as a single speed 38x17!
Things running through my mind before we started; How am I going to stay warm? Can I actually ride my single speed setup for 30 plus hours with all the climbing? I had images in my mind of walking the last 50 miles completely fried.
But attempting challenges like this are what make ultra-events like Iowa Wind and Rock so special. It is not always about the most physically fit individual. It is about pushing yourself to do things that you that your mind is telling you to stop. You have to have the ability to fight with yourself to keep going.
Trust me I had several battles going on in my mind all day. My wrists to hurt from all the climbing, my right hip flexor was developing tendonitis, the cold triggered my asthma, my bronchioles were congesting from all the cold, and I was starting to cough and having difficulty breathing up the never-ending climbs. I even had to walk several of the longer more steep climbs. My Garmin died due to my usb cable shorting so I had to cue card navigate in the dark for several hours.
I was feeling both excited and anxious my entire ride, but I always fall back to Mike’s Motto: Nothing that worth anything is ever easy!
Big Hairy Audacious Goal achieved! More BHAG in my future for sure, how about yours?


Finished!  1st Overall on a Single Speed
Note:  Only finisher to make all time cuts.

Binary Bikes

 Binary Bike Builds


  • Drivetrain – SRAM XX1 Eagle, 12-speed
  • Brakes – Shimano XT
  • Fork – Fox Factory 34 130mm
  • Wheel Build – NOBL TR38 Carbon / Onyx Mtb Boost


  • Drivetrain – SRAM XX1 Eagle, Single-Speed 38t oval x 17t
  • Brakes – SRAM Level TLM
  • Fork – Fox Step Cast 100mm
  • Wheel Build – Roval Control Carbon DT Swiss 350 Hubs Mtb Boost


  • Drivetrain – SRAM Truvativ Carbon, Single-Speed 38t oval x 17t
  • Brakes – Shimano Ultegra Hydraulic
  • Stem - RedShift ShockStop Suspension
  • Fork – ENVE G Series
  • Wheel Build – Nextie Carbon White Industry Hubs

Monday, November 19, 2018


2015 JayP's 200k Fat Pursuit winter ultra finish line.

Winter Layering

No matter if you’re training or racing, knowing how and why to layer is make or break situation. Here’s what works for me:

·         General layering guidelines

o   Test, Test, Test

o   Use what works best for you

o   Base layers should always wick moisture away and dry quickly

o   Colder weather minimize stops

o   Wool is king

·         Above 55º F

o   Base layer is minimal

§  Light weight wool socks

§  Craft cool mesh superlight tank

§  Bibs/Jersey

§  Full finger gloves

§  Skull cap

§  Regular cycling shoes

§  Sunglasses

·         40º F - 55º F

o   Above items

o   Knee warmers

o   Arm warmers

o   When closer to 40º F add wool jersey over top

o   Shoe covers/Toe covers

o   Heavier glove with light thermal layer

o   Add ear protection

·         20º F - 40º F

o   Above items

o   Heavier wools sock

o   Swap base layer to thermal and long sleeved

o   Swap knee warmers with light thermal bib tights

o   Swap skull cap with thermal skull cap

o   Add breathable jacket

o   Mittens when closer to 20º F

o   Swap shoe covers with thermal shoe cover

·         0º F - 20º F

o   Above items

o   Add balaclavas with thermal skull cap over and wool Buff

o   Add additional thermal layer between jacket and jersey.

o   Below 10º F swap regular shoe out for heavier winter boot like 45Nrth Wolvhammer

·         Below 0º F

o   Above items

o   Heaviest wool sock add vapor barrier and light sock combo below -10º F

o   Swap light thermal bib tights with heavier thermal tights

o   Below -10º F add additional layer under tights

o   Add pogies to bike handle bars

o   Additional face protection covering all skin

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018 Divide Gear List

Tour Divide Gear

Specialized Epic FS – Pro build

·         Bike

o   Specialized Epic FS – Pro build
o   Fox Step Cast 32 front suspension with remote lockout   

o   SRAM XO Eagle, 12-speed, 32T Oval x 10-50t

o   Schmidt SON28 Hub Boost

o   kLite All-in-one prototype with top cap switch and Sinewave Reactor usb power

o   Two Salsa stainless steel water bottle cages

o   Maxxis IKON 29x2.1; Zero Flats; Never had to add air; Perfect

o   Specialized Phenom Expert, hollow titanium rails, carbon fiber base, 143mm
o  Additional bike photos - click

·         Gear

o   Front – Cockpit
§  Profile Design T2 Carbon aero bars
§  Profile Design UCM Aerobridge – Mounted eTrex and kLite
§  Garmin eTrex 30x GPS (w/ tracks, waypoints & maps)
§  Garmin eTrex bike mount
§  Garmin Edge 1000 GPS (Track daily stats-Miles/HR)
§  K-Edge TT Handlebar Mounts for Garmin/GoPro
§  Printed cue sheets with resupply distance/notes
§  GoPro Session 4
o   Front – Handlebars
§  Revelate Designs Sweetroll – Medium
·         Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket
·         Smartwool Hooded Pullover
·         Klymit Inertia X Frame sleeping pad
·         Klymit Pillow X
·         SOL Emergency Blanket
·         Montbell BREEZE DRY-TEC U.L. Sleeping Bag Cover
·         REI Igneo 19 Sleeping Bag
§  Revelate Designs Periphery Pocket
·         Passport
·         Phone
·         Wallet
·         Snacks
·         Sunglasses
·         Sunscreen
·         Off bug spray - REQUIRED
§  Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbags – 2
·         Store purchased Gatorade
·         Store purchased water bottle
·         Side webbing
o   Snickers bars
o   Other quick treats
o   Middle - Top tube
§  Revelate Designs Gas Tank
·         Aleve
·         Lip balm
·         Energy jelly beans
·         Several GU Roctane
·         Pen
·         Bear whistle
§  Revelate Designs Jerrycan
·         Multi tool
·         Inhaler
·         Night head lamp – Princeton Tec Axis
·         Chain lube – Tri Flow
·         Shop towels
o   Rear - Saddle
§  Rogue Panda Oracle – two tubes
§  Revelate Designs Vicacha
·         Spot GEN3 Tracker
·         Utility kit
o   MSR Triailshot water filter
o   Towel
o   Extra jersey
·         Tool kit
o   Extra derailleur hanger
o   Extra brake pads
o   Stan’s sealant
o   Wolf tooth master link pliers with two 12 speed master links
o   Quick ties
o   Gorilla tape
o   FiberFix Emergency Spoke Replacement Kit
o   Tube patch kit
o   Dynaplug RACER Bicycle Tire Repair Tool
o   Extra valve cores
o   Leatherman multi tool
o   Park Tool emergency tire boots
o   Park Tool TL-6.2 Steel Core Tire Lever
·         Med kit
o   Tooth brush
o   Tooth paste
o   Floss
o   Retainer
o   Allergy meds
o   Deodorate
·         Electronic kit
o   USB Plugin blocks
o   Extra usb cables
o   Lithium aaa/aa batteries
·         Thermal barrier gloves and socks
·         Rain kit - Montbell Versalite jacket/pants
·         DeFeet Men's Woolie Boolie socks
·         Defeet Wooleator “DO EPIC SHIT” Socks
·         CatEye Rapid 100 lumen rear blinky

Disclaimer:  This above list is what worked for me.  Please give ALL gear a test run before heading out on any EPIC adventures.


Friday, March 23, 2018



Saturday March 31st I will start a journey to reconnect with something that has left me questioning everything in my biking life.  Last years Tour Divide attempt did not go as planned, even though I had prepared for years to take a go at attempting the feat. Next Saturday I will rejoin the Divide route in Cuba, New Mexico for some early Spring training but also to reconnect and reflect on what is to come this June.  I will get to see parts of the course that I failed to get to last year adding to my confidence on this years attempt.  But I will also spend the week on the trail reconnecting to something that has been missing from me for months now.  My passion for dirt.  My love for a good adventure.  Tackling the unknown.  Clipping my feet into the pedals of my beautiful new bike and testing myself.  A simple journey!

Silly poem I wrote.  Turns out to be a heart when you center it.  Pretty cool I thought.

If you care to follow my expedition across the New Mexico Tour Divide route please click the link below:

Thanks to all you out there following and cheering for me.  I feel all the positive energy!

Your Friend,

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#bybike #findingme

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

As a full time CIO, I love data. And TrainingPeaks delivers.
I can plan and crunch numbers to my heart’s content.
It allows me to self-coach.

As a full time CIO of the world’s largest biofuel's company,...
I understand hard work.
I also believe in working hard but you must also play hard!

My bikes allow me to play all year long.

As I dream and plan my 2018 adventures, I will continue to....
Make mistakes and learn from them,
Explore while riding my bike,
Work hard in the gym and on my bike,
I will not bury my failures,
I will use them to inspire me!

There will be obstacles.
There will be doubters.
There will be mistakes.
But with HARD WORK,
There are no limits.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Winter Ultra Adventure – What do I bring to stay safe on a multiple day winter ride?

This last weekend I planned a little winter biking adventure so I thought I would share what I took with me to stay safe and cozy warm.

The Situation
Needed to attend a wedding with my wife in Moorhead, MN.  My wife needed to take the car to Minneapolis for work and I did not want to drive two cars to Fargo/Moorhead.  So, I planned a small winter adventure to get myself home.

The Plan
Ride 260 miles south from Fargo/Moorhead to Sioux Falls, SD in winter conditions.

The start
Home sweet home!

The Forecast
Always important to understand the weather forecast when planning for winter ride.  Most importantly remember weather professionals never get it right so your plan needs to adaptable to all winter weather conditions. 

Day 1
·         Forecasted
o   Snow forecasted over night over northern portion of route.
o   Mid 20’s with 15-20 mph, NW winds with a zero degree wind chill.
o   Clear partly sunny

·         Actual
o   Up to 5 inches, snow fell in mid part of route and freezing drizzle fell northern region.
o   Mid route, the roads were snow packed and icy.
o   No sun!
Day 2
·         Forecasted
o   Mid 20’s with 5-10 mph E winds with a mid-teen wind chill
o   Clear partly sunny
·         Actual
o   Overnight the forecast changed.  4-6 additional inches of snow fell over the night from Sioux Falls north to where I was to begin my ride.
o   Snow was to continue throughout the day.
o   No sun again!

The forecast changed drastically from what I was originally planning to deal with so I had to be mentally ready to adapt as I moved south into the wintery adventure.

The Gear
This is what works for me after years of testing so please experiment to get your gear figured out.  I use this gear if it is between 10 – 30 degrees outside.  I use my jacket zipper to regulate core temperatures to prevent sweating.  Moisture during winter riding can act as a thermal transfer to your body and have a negative effect so it is important to control.

Fully Loaded Cutty
Gear during ride
·        Head – Helmet, Oakley Sunglasses, Ear Warmer, Wool Buff, and Thermal Skull Cap.
·        Hands – Mid grade wool gloves with an Outdoor Research mitten over.  I like this combo because I can easily curl my fingers to keep warm.
·        Feet – Point 6 expedition socks, normal mtb shoe with 3mm waterproof shoe cover.
·        Core - Pearle Izumi Thermal Long Sleeve Base layer, jersey, thick wool jersey with an Eddie Bauer First Ascent permaloft jacket.  Jacket is quick to dry and very breathable so great for moisture control.
·        Legs - A combo bibs with Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Bike Tights over. 

Gear packed in bags
I packed this gear just in case the South Dakota winter weather took a nasty turn for the worse or if I had a significant breakdown, I would layer up to stay safe.
·        Seat bag - Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Hooded Down Jacket, Smartwool Base Layer Hoody, Pom Beanie Stocking Hat, Vapor barrier socks and gloves, light and heavy wool socks for layering with vapor barrier socks, cook stove with coffee and ramen noodles to cook in a pinch warming the inner core up quick.
·        Frame Bag – Several pairs of extra gloves, balaclava mask, tubes, and tools.
·        Handle bar bag – 19 degree down sleeping bag, sleep pad, bivvy sack, and pillow.

The Ride
Temperature ranging from a minimum temperature of 17 to a high temperature of 29.

Day 1
Ride went as planned the tail crosswind was cold on my right side but a nice push on my fully loaded Salsa Cutthroat.  I stopped a couple times to refuel.  Each time I stopped, I was in and out very fast due to the zero degree wind chills.  Once back on the bike I was cold for several minutes but warmed up very quickly.   Total miles 125.6 with 7 hours ride time, average temperature 23 with zero degree wind chill.

Day 2
Day 2 was a day of adaptation.  The forecast had completely changed for the worse.  No sun, the wind was out of the south and several inches of snow had fallen making riding challenging at times.  I had to deal with falling snow which when hits your body you start to chill easily. Ice is dangerous to ride on so my route was adjusted many times to avoid where possible. Slush was freezing my drive train to shifting was not working and any peddle pressure the chain was slipping over my gears.

I limped my way for a couple of hours before hitting a town where I eat and filled my water bottles with hot water to keep my drive train unfrozen. 

As I was limping along, I hear a scream for HELP in the distance.  As I approached, there was a woman that attempted to turn her vehicle around and got her car stuck in the ditch.  She asked if I could help.  All I was thinking was oh boy let the chill begin!  Not safe for me at all.  I sucked it up and saved that random woman in the ditch. Yes, a bikepacker stopped in freezing temperatures and saves a damsel in distress...boom!

Day 2 winter conditions
Total miles 133.3 miles 9:46 hours ride time, average temperature 25 with mid teen wind chills.

Winter is a great time to ride and enjoy the outdoors.  You just need to adaptable and figure out what works for you to stay warm while controlling your body moisture.  Looking forward to seeing your wintery posts on social media!  #noindoortrainers #winterdoesntsuck #bikepackerforever